Sunday, April 3, 2011

Steamtown Marathon - Oct 9

$80.44 later it's official. I have signed up for my first marathon. Four days after my 27th birthday I will be running 26.2 miles in Steamtown, Pennsylvania!!!

Now that the Baha'i fast is over and the weather is friendlier the "training" can begin. I'm aiming for under 4 hours (~9 min/mile).

Why Steamtown? The NYC marathon is overcrowded and hard to get into. Steamtown, caps at 2,620 people. Plus the route includes great scenery and foliage. Runner's world magazine voted it as the best for "small and quiet" marathons. All the proceeds go to St. Joseph’s Center. And last but definitely not least (actually the reason it's become so popular among runners) is the flat and downhill route, see elevation chart on the left. To read's review click here.

To celebrate my registration I ran 8 miles this morning. Let the fun begin :)

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