Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turkish Coffee

It all started 2 months ago when my husband and I went to a hookah bar downtown. The bar had a 1 drink minimum in addition to the hookah and I don't drink alcohol. So we ordered Turkish coffee and Persian tea. I actually don't like coffee but I was curious so I gave it a try.......instant obsession. The texture of the Turkish coffee was more like hot chocolate and it was full of rich flavor...mmm.

For the next few weeks, I kept craving Turkish Coffee and talking about it to everyone and anyone who would listen. So to feed my new obsession, I purchased an Ibrik (copper pot), glasses and Maatouk's Brazilian Arabica coffee with cardamom. Yay!

Sahadi (for coffee)
187 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5696

The Oriental (for Ibrik and glasses)
170 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY

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