Monday, January 9, 2012

Searching for a summer marathon

This weekend I spent way too many hours trying to find a marathon that happens before the beginning of September. I'm looking for one with great views, milder summer weather and a semi-flat course. I don’t care for things like huge crowds/spectators or fancy expos.

Currently deciding between these 4…..Please comment if you’ve run them or heard info on them…..

Portland, Oregon (on Sauvie Island) on July 4
Pros: beautiful course - rolling farmland, some snow-capped peaks and various livestock (ostriches!).....mainly flat
Cons: out and back course means merging with walkers/slow runners at one point

Missoula, Montana on July 8
Pros: Flat course, cool temps
Cons: Expensive flight

North Olympic Discovery Marathon
Port Angeles, Washington on June 3
Pros: Beautiful course - Olympic Discovery Trail with views of the Olympic Mountains and a five mile finishing stretch along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca
Cons: 9 am starting time  tends to mean hotter weather, some running on rocks, more hills

Kauai Marathon 
Kauai, Hawaii on Sept 2
Pros:Best course rating on Marathon Guide - beaches, rugged volcanic peaks, and green tropical rain forests. A friend of ours lives on Kauai so we could visit him.
Cons: Tough hills, expensive flight, entry fee is 2x the others

Update (Feb 5, 2012) - I've decided save money on travel and stick to fall marathons in NY/East Coast Area. Fingers crossed I get into the NYC marathon.


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  2. I don't know anything about these marathon locations, but we had our honeymoon on Kauai and I can only imagine how BEAUTIFUL a location that would be! BTW I am in the opposite predicament, looking for colder marathons (the 80 degree Chicago weather was just awful for me)! I think I'm making Philly my next stop in 2013 and dedicating this year to several halfs. Can't wait to hear which one you choose! (Sorry for double post!)

  3. allthisuntouchedbeauty -> I loved the Steamtown Marathon in PA. It's small so there are some parts without crowds but the weather is great, course is pretty and really flat with downhills as well.

    80% sure I'm going to pick the Portland one....the Kauai one is just too expensive.

  4. Kavisa, I propose you come to SF and run the SF marathon with me on July 29. Nora might be coming out as well...just a thought:)

  5. Kit, that is very tempting actually. I was considering the SF race but initially wimped out because of all the hills...I'll weigh the costs etc.