Monday, September 17, 2012

Wanderlust Outdoor Yoga

Last Sunday (Sept 9), I had my first outdoor yoga experience….and I loved it! I even convinced my husband (who has only done yoga twice in his life) to join me. The FREE outdoor yoga festival was hosted by Wanderlust. The location and weather was perfect, sunshine by the waterfront in Chelsea Piers. The 90-minute session was 3-part experience.

The first instructor (Kelly Morris) led with a beautiful exercise requiring each of us to turn to the person next to us and ask them to describe something they are struggling with in their lives in 1-3 words. Then our job was to dedicate our yoga practice to that person and meditate on their struggle. Doing yoga took on a much deeper meaning for me after doing this…..and I found myself sending out my positive intentions with every breath.

The second instructor (Kay Kay Clivio) was my favorite in terms of leading a yoga class. She perfectly blended the pace with focus on breath and intentions. The moment that stays in my mind is when we were all doing tree pose…..100+ people all in the same position, heads lifted towards the sky, sun rays streaming down and feeling the grounding power of the earth.

The third instructor turned the session into a dance class. We left soon after she started. But 60 minutes of yoga bliss was more than enough :)

I strongly recommend everyone try to find an opportunity to practice yoga outdoors!

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