Monday, October 8, 2012

Anyone there?

It seems most people find my blog when searching for a particular term/topic. My most popular post is the one I wrote about our dog - Busu, our whippet/jack russell terrier beauty - with 3,091 page views. I guess a lot of people are searching the terms whippet & jack russell terrier.

However, the non-search wielding page views are in the teens. Which leads me to the question "Is anyone actually reading this?' ..... "Is anyone there?"

If you read my blog often, can you take my poll (on the right side panel)?



  1. I always read; you're on my google reader. Sometimes when people read through a secondary reader like this it doesn't show up in the stats. Keep writing! I post to facebook sometimes when I want people to plug into a specific post or just to remind people I have a blog.

  2. I read your words...keep writing:)

  3. Thanks Kit and Ashley :) ....I'm going to keep writing. I was just wondering if I should focus my blog on 1-3 topics instead of anything randomly going on in my life