Saturday, June 18, 2011

Honey Stinger: Natural Engery Chews and others

As I increase my mileage for marathon training it gets harder to just wake up and go running without consuming something. So I've been testing out some energy chews and jelly beans.

In order of best to worst......

1.) Honey Stinger Energy Chews. I've tried the pink lemonade and pomegranate passion fruit flavors and both taste great. More importantly they chew/dissolve well and leave me feeling ready to go. And they use all natural ingredients :)

2.) GU Chomps. Tried the Cranberry Apple flavor which was so-so. However, these chews don't go down so well. They are really sticky and my stomach needs an extra 30 minutes to adjust before I can go running.

3.) Honey Stinger Energy Gels. The flavor of the strawberry honey one was good. However, I am not a big fan of consuming tons of honey. It took me awhile to eat the syrupy mix.

4.) Sport Beans = never again. Maybe I am just not a true fan of jelly beans but it felt and tasted like I was consuming candy right before a run. I threw out the package after eating only 4 beans.

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