Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Soul Cycle = overpriced fad that's not for me

After months of hearing my co-workers talk about the wonders of Soul Cycle I decided to try it out on Monday. I coughed up $20 for a 45-minute class doubtful that the cycling class would have the same effect on me since I run 4x a week. I was right, the class was not worth the money or time.

I've taken cycling classes as part of past NYSC or ClubFit gym memberships. I tend to enjoy them if the music is good. The bike provides a good workout and a break from running.

Soul Cycle is different mainly because they incorporate a "full body workout". At times during the class you lift weights, do crunches and modified push-ups all while still riding the bike. A cool idea.

However the whole experience from the minute I walked in the building was way too posh/fad driven. I can see why Soul Cycle has become so popular among celebs and the upper class. The instructor even ended class with some yoga inspired "Namaste" and breathing exercises. After sweating insanely due to the inadequate air conditioning I was greeted with a freezing cold shower and free organic lotions.

As I walked out of their union square location, $20 poorer, the first thought that came to my mind was "I can't wait for my 5-mile run in the morning".

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