Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Re-Case: Miniwiz's iPhone case 100% made from recycled trash

I had been delaying buying a case for my new iPhone. Then I read about Miniwiz's Re-Case cover made from 100% recycled agricultural waste and post-consumer plastic on TreeHugger and was instantly sold. 

The case fits snug providing reliable protection. I really like the look of the material. The light cross-hatch pattern and ridges on the sides provide an excellent grip. The only negative is it is really hard to get off once it's on.  

To read the product details see Miniwiz's site here or order it on Amazon.


  1. Thanks for the review KCW! Re-case for iPhone 4/4S is made with a new formula of POLLIBER, which should make removal a lot easier :)

  2. Great news. I am loving the case even in it's older form :)

  3. Yeah! I love your iphone case! Super cute.

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