Tuesday, February 14, 2012

12 Reasons to Date a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

Whenever I think back on the 26 months I spent living in Tanzania, I smile. Although that piece of my heart I left in Tukuyu aches. Luckily a bigger piece of my heart, my husband (a fellow Peace Corps volunteer I met and fell in love with while I was serving) is always nearby :)

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My husband and I often whisper sweet nothings to each other in Swahili, appreciate hot water, live low maintenance and refer to our 2nd/3rd "mama"....Need someone to demonstrate safe sex condom techniques? We can help, we even know how to carve a phallus out of sugar cane :)

Condom race to help students overcome angst

A student demonstrating condom application on the sugar cane phallus

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