Thursday, May 6, 2010

(vegan) Strawberry Pie

I have a serious sweet tooth problem. Something that I like to believe is balanced by my love of working out/running and eating vegan. So it was of no surprise when I started making vegan Strawberry Pie at 10 PM on Monday after working 12 hours. The result brought lots of joy though. And when I ate a slice at work the next day all my co-workers wanted some and were impressed by the joys of vegan lifestyle.

The recipe can be found here. Disclaimer: I did not make my own crust. I used a spelt crust from Whole Foods (another way I can pretend I'm eating healthy). I also sliced the strawberries instead of leaving whole pieces, looks less pretty but easier to bite into.

This was also my first experience of vegan cream cheese. I liked it. Toffuti's Better Than Cream Cheese has a smooth texture and tastes great with jam. I couldn't taste the tofu but my fiancee swears he can. I give it * * * * stars.

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  1. I love the pie cause it's soooo delicious...