Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eating Animals

I finished reading Eating Animals last week in effort to strengthen my resolve against eating fish (the only thing I miss after being vegan). Also it was highly recommended (for example by a favorite veg celeb, Nathalie Portman).

It didn't help with the fish thing. I feel like most of these books spend 20 pages helping me feel outraged against killing pigs/cows etc but only 2 pages on fish. The main thing I got was that over fishing is hurting the environment and many other species are being killed in tuna nets etc.

There were other helpful tidbits.... I didn't realize how far we have gotten away from "normal" chickens and turkeys to the point where most can't even procreate naturally, fly or move. Another thing that stayed in my mind is the amount of chemicals and "fluids" injected in slaughtered animals to try to beef up the priced weight and help them survive their unnatural life. Especially when compared to the amount of antibiotics illegal in Europe but allowed in the US = gross.

If you have time why not read this book....if you only have time for 1 pro-animal/pro-food health book I still think Skinny Bitch is a better read.

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  1. I came across your profile and decided to follow it! "Eating Animals" seems to me to be more of a "hit the emotions" book while "Skinny Bitch" is more up front and literal. I enjoyed both, though.

    I guess I'm lucky I never liked seafood! ;)