Friday, May 13, 2011

Changing shoes/running form will not reduce all injuries but might help with a certain type

Read a breakdown of the study via Shut Up ad Run!'s blog post.
Or read the entire article on Runner's World.

To sum up the study in 4 sentences...... The results show that whether you use a forefoot/heel/midfoot strike or if you wear regular of minimalist shoes you still risk injury while running. However, certain types of injury might correlate to running style. “It looks like barefoot running and minimalist shoes increase risk of some foot injuries by while rear foot striking and traditional shoes increase knee injuries.”

Since my main injury issue has been my knees, this study just confirms what I discovered last year. Forefoot/minimalist shoes = less knee pain. Sure I have more calf pain the next day but that sort of pain is more of muscle building (positive) and not ligament/cartilage tearing&wearing (negative).

Speaking of calf pain....I'm almost back to last summer's peak. I ran 5 miles yesterday in the Vibrams and have only a slight calf discomfort today. Much better than last month :)

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