Monday, September 26, 2011

running meditations

I realized something while running New York Road Runner's 18 mile race Sunday.....
Running on Playa Rincon

  •  The first 6 miles of a long run are really just a warm up. Your legs stretch out. If you're like me you are going 30+ sec faster than your goal pace, trying to create a net gain in time. Sure I'm passing people but I don't really care.
  •   Miles 6-12 are when the race actually begins. This is when I start to use the people in front of me to motivate me to keep going, to speed up, to pass them. I start to get tired and I need to re-fuel (ie gels and water).
  •   Miles 12-17 are where the magic happens. My mind takes over and I zone out/zen in. The hundreds of people around me seem to disappear. It's just about me and how far my legs can take me. I thank God for the ability to still be running 12+ miles in.  Mantras go through my head. I re-ask myself why I'm doing this. I stop myself from giving into that fearful/tired voice telling me to take a walking break.
  •   Mile 18 is pure/delicious insanity. I start to speed up again. I stop caring about the pain in my legs. I'm high on endorphins. Feeling accomplished and excited to finish strong. I feel pure joy. I find myself cheering "Come on! You can do it!" to the people who have started walking. As soon as I can see the finish line I sprint, forgetting how insane sprinting is after running 18 miles. 
I finished Sunday's race faster than my goal.... 2hr 36min, pacing 8:41 min/mile. I placed 770/ 3828 (top 20%).

2 weeks until Steamtown Marathon. Time to start tapering

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  1. You beat your goal - that's awesome! congrats!! I totally agree about the first six miles and the zen mind later on. Past 12 miles or so I attain a level of peace and connectedness (earth/mind/body/soul) I wish I could keep around in every day life. it's beautiful.