Saturday, September 3, 2011

35 days to Steamtown Marathon!

35 days until the Steamtown Marathon. My first marathon.

I did a 20 mile run today in ~3 hours :)

The last 5 miles hurt.... went from 8+ min/mile pace to 9+ min/mile. The last mile I had to yell at myself (in my head).... "Finish This!"......"Push!".... "Think of your marathon goal"....."Remember who you are running for" (I've dedicated my run to kids in Tanzania. I'm also raising money for The Olive Branch for Children).

Remembering my favorite running heroes Paula Radcliffe and Haile Gebrselassie also got me through it.

Amazingly though, 60 minutes after my run I feel awesome. High on endorphins and ready to start the rest of my Saturday :)


  1. Hey there - I'm assuming we might know each other because, well, we're Baha'is, I used to live in Brooklyn, and you have my page linked to your site :) But you don't have your name on your profile so wanted to check if we do know each other! I'm running Chicago in just a few short weeks so I'm psyched to see a fellow Baha'i bracing for the big time :D Ran my first 18 miler in 2:44 this past Sunday, its so crazy its getting so real!! Anyway just wanted to send lots of encouragement for your high mileage weeks of training (that picture of Paula Radcliffe and her baby after her win got me super motivated!) and see if we are already acquainted! <3

  2. Hey. I responded via email :)