Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 days until Steamtown Marathon, ~$900 raised

In this picture: Montessori teacher, Eliza and Children at the Gomoshelo Montessori Kindergarten

My first marathon is this Sunday. I've dedicated my run to all the lovely children and people I met during my 2.25 years living in Tanzania. So I'm raising money for  The Olive Branch for the Children. I have raised ~$900 so far and I am attempting a last minute dash to reach $1000.

The Olive Branch for Children was started by one of my best friends Deborah McCracken-Nangereke in 2005. Because of her amazing work she received the Rolex Awards for Enterprise’s Young Laureates Program and various PEPFAR grants (US President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief). She lives in Mbeya with her husband Putiyei Kimala Nangereke and her 9 adopted Tanzanian children (one of whom is Davis, my Godson :)

The Olive Branch for Children:
  • Provides home-based care for more than 500 people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Runs kindergartens in 22 communities
  • Manages Agricultural Projects for the community: providing the residents with small business grants, irrigation setup and basic supplies for farming including simple shovels and pails.
  • Provides education scholarships for children to pursue University/College education via The Olive Branch’s Education Fund
  • Operates a permanent medical clinic and hosts monthly medical clinics in remote villages
If you chose to donate, please post a comment and I'll email you the details. 

PS. On October 26 I received a post-marathon donation enabling me to reach my $1,000 goal :)

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  1. Hi Kavisa,

    Good luck in your race tomorrow! We didn't realize you were doing it as a fundraiser for Olive Branch. Let us know how and we'll contribute.

    Elysia & Benja