Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rock out!

I break out into spontaneous dance and/or song at random points everyday (as my husband can attest). Sometimes this includes free-styling a song about whatever I am doing/thinking at the time....other times it's lyrics to a song in my head or dancing to music playing in the background.

Anis Mojgani
Anis Mojgani's poem "Direct Order" is the essence of my "rocking out" tendencies. I discovered this spoken word poet 6 years ago and feel in love with his raw creative words and content. He's awarding winning (1st place at the National Individual Poetry Slam in 2005 and 2006, 1st at 2007 World Cup Poetry Slam).

You have been given a direct order to rock the f*** out….Rock out like you get paid to disturb the peace…Rock out like the plane is going down, there are 120 people on board, and 121 parachutes…. Rock out like the mangos are in season….Rock out like this was the last weekend, like these were the last words, like you don’t ever want to forget how. ~ Anis Mojgani

Your instructions for the day:
Step #1 Watch this video for "Direct Order"
Step #2 Put on a song and rock out (or even better rock out to the music in your mind/spirit)

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