Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yoga flipped is running

I have a love/hate relationship with advertising (mostly I dislike it)…..but every once and awhile I come across an ad I love because it really speaks to me, is unique/creative or has a great message.

I saw this Lululemon Athletica ad in Running World’s January 2012 issue and couldn’t stop starring at it….there’s a woman doing a yoga headstand but flipped it looks like she’s running! Brilliant! Last year I practiced Vinyasa yoga regularly (and plan to restart this winter). It was a great counterbalance to my weekly running mileage…..the yin and yang…the flip-side ;)  
 the tiny words read as “I was running into a strong wind during the tail end of the Toronto marathon. Struggling with the pain, I tapped into my yoga practice to focus on the energy of the crowd and cleared my mind with a mantra. I placed 8th female overall.” ~ Ambassador Katherine Moore

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