Saturday, March 31, 2012

GUNAS: luxury vegan handbags

Since giving up on leather products I've tried numerous bags....everything from bags made from recycled bottles to cloth. Trying to save money I stayed within the less than $100 range. The bags looked good and served their purpose for about 9-12 months. Then something would break or get damaged. This time I decided to embrace my  appreciation for products that are high quality with a classy design and socially/environmentally friendly. I then discovered GUNAS (pronounced goo-nas).

Gunas bags use high-tech, lightweight fabrics that are built to last, as well as quality components (like Italian zippers) and custom hardware. No more than 250 pieces of each style are produced per collection in standard colors worldwide. Encouraging people to not buy by fads and instead focus on 1 quality item that will last for years. Inspired by its love for animals, the company also donates part of its proceeds to a host of charities, including Earth Matters Foundation's ongoing effort to revive the worldwide tiger population.

This review describes their bags perfectly:
Gunas' Chopper bag
"Gunas’ line of leather-free satchels and totes can go from boardroom to downtown without skipping a beat. These covetable carryalls keep it simple with clean modern lines and urbane color palettes. Plus, they’re made entirely from Greenguard/LEED-certified manmade fabrics that are as cruelty-free as
they are light on the earth."

So far I am loving my Gunas' Chopper laptop bag. It looks just as good if not better than leather. The design is super classy with beautiful details in the buckles, pockets and weaving. Plus they have the BEST customer service. The first bag I ordered wasn't what I wanted. One of their reps worked with me to help me find my ideal bag, receiving the return and shipping a new one within a week. Definitely worth the price tag :)

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