Thursday, February 18, 2010


My first official act as a vegan was to visit BabyCakes in the lower east side (LES) of manhattan. I am OBSESSED with baked goods. I used to visit Magnolia Bakery monthly. I would say at midnight "I want something sweet" and next thing I'm baking a full on production of cakes/pies/cookies. So by far the hardest thing for me and this vegan thing is baked goods. In my mind if I could find great vegan baked goods I'd be ok....My decision would not be so dramatic.

We got there at 10:58 pm and they close at 11 pm. It was fate. I got two cupcakes: red velvet and chocolate, both made using spelt flour. My fiance got a carrot cake cupcake, gluten free variety. I'm not going to lie. Magnolia's cupcakes taste better. They have the "crack factor" on their side ie butter and heavy cream. But the cupcakes were very good. The chocolate cupcake was my favorite. The red velvet one was too heavy. The icing on the red velvet one was lovely though. Mmmm. My goal was achieved, I found cupcakes that made me believe I could make the vegan choice.

Since I don't like trekking it to the LES. I reserved from the library what I think is seen as the "Holy of holies" in vegan cookbooks better known as Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! After the 30th great review from people on a short name basis with the cookbook (VCTOW). I was convinced. I'll be trying out recipes this weekend :)

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