Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let the Vegan Revolution Begin!

So I did it. I made the decision to live vegan.

After being a pescatarian for 13 years (vegetarian 2 of those years), I've extended the cut to include seafood, milk and eggs etc.

For those of you wondering why..... I've always based my dietary beliefs on "I won't eat anything that weighs heavy on my soul." Growing up I only felt guilty/bad/sad eating things that could walk/fly. I never felt anything when I thought of killing fish. So I ate accordingly. However after reading numerous books The Omnivore's Dilemma and Skinny Bitch, watching documentaries like Food, Inc. and Super Size Me I've had enough....If you haven't seen these movies or read these books please do. The amount of deception going on in our food industry is scary. Food, Inc. was the worst kind of horror movie, one that's true.

Things that weigh heavy on my soul:
  1. By consuming diary products I was contributing to the death of cows (Female cows must continue to give birth to produce milk. Most male offspring of diary cows are killed for meat)
  2. Most cows are overmilked by machines so that puss comes out from their udders.
  3. The fishing industry is throwing the marine ecosystem off balance.
  4. The form/type of calcium obtained from milk is NOT the kind that helps our bones etc. (Some studies even tied high milk consumption to osteoporosis)
  5. In many farms chickens are abused and mistreated. By eating eggs I was giving money to that industry. Though the jury still out on "range free" or "cage free" eggs.
It's only been a week. I've given up everything except butter (which I will give up as soon as I buy vegan margarine). It's been hard and easy. The more I read about being a vegan the happier I am with my choice. But milk by-products are in everything. Even my favorite veggie chi'kn nuggets :(

This blog will be about my conversion to veganism, living a pure life and whatever my guest bloggers have to offer.

Ask yourself, how much do you trust the F.D.A. to keep your food safe?

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