Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Elephant in the room

Last weekend I was informed of a new study that showed that eating fruit and vegetables may not help reduce your risk of cancer. I figured I'd wait for more details. The Economist (my favorite news source) must have heard my request. The article entitled Protection racket: Eating lots of fruit and vegetables may not help stave off cancer, after explains.

It might not be the fruit and vegetables you eat that help your cancer risk so much as the lack of meat and high fat food. Basically a vegan diet :) but no one wants to suggest that because a vegan diet tends to intimidate people and put them on the defensive.

"This means that if people who turn away from fruit and vegetables end up eating more processed meats or foods high in fat instead, they probably will increase their cancer risk, even though the direct cause is not the consumption of less fruit and vegetables. More importantly, there is still good evidence that fruit and vegetables protect against heart disease and strokes by reducing blood suggests that those who eat five servings a day of fruit and vegetables have a 30% lower incidence of heart disease and strokes than those who eat less than one and a half servings."

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