Sunday, April 25, 2010


I received my first copy of VegNews in the mail this weekend. After ripping out numerous pages for "cook later recipes" and jotting tons of notes of interesting information and products, I'm sold. I highly recommend the magazine. I was hesitant at first because it's more expensive than your average magazine, $20 for a year subscription (and they come every other month = 6 issues a year). I'm happy with my choice.

Today I'll be cooking their 'Kale Chips' recipe (I'll post about that later). Later this month I plan to cook the General Tao's Tofu and Fresh Manicotti recipes.

Some random things I learned from this issue include:
  • Breast milk can get a green tint if you eat a lot of seaweed
  • One vegan was able to get his shopping bill to $40 a week by only buying produce from Union Square's farmers market and buying grains in bulk and canned veggies from Whole Foods and Fresh Start Organic Market
  • A cool interactive vegan food "pyramid" in the shape of a plate, Power Plate
  • Daiya cheese is now available in retail stores (it was previously only available via restaurants etc). FYI Daiya cheese is * * * * * awesome.

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