Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is being vegan about more than just food?

So I finally saw "Capitalism: A Love Story" and even though I expected to be outraged at the current economic and social systems in America, even though I expected to finish the movie wanting to go picket the White House and shout my grievances, I was still SHOCKED. Absolutely shocked, just when I think I already have a critical (and sometimes cynical) view, it gets worse. ::shakes my head:: We live in a plutonomy where 1% of the US population controls things and has the same amount of wealth of the other 99% of America. I want a country where the extremely rich class pay higher taxes and those tax dollars are used to provide basic rights of food, shelter, health care and education; not where the tax dollars are used to bail out banks.

I remember asking my friends if they had ever met a vegan republican...no one had. Then I think of all the Peace Corps volunteers I know who returned to America and became vegans/vegetarians. It causes me to think diet choices like being a vegan express political and social views as well. The saying "voting with your wallet" comes to mind. Not sure being a vegan can be seen as voting against capitalism but there's definitely a correlation.

The question is what can we do? I am not-so-secretly waiting for a moment/group to form so I can throw my support behind something and protest. I'm also keeping tabs on the new Coffee Party movement to see what it does. In the mean time, I'm looking into the list of actions recommended here. My progressing career path in the non-profit industry puts a smile on my face.

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