Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Delicious Ice-cream sandwiches and Whole Foods' Vegan Cake

I heart Whole Foods. Seriously, I love them. I don't care what people say about them being over priced. The quality of food there is fabulous. I tried their vegan chocolate chip cookies scones last month and was pleasantly surprised. Now I tried their vegan vanilla cake and liked it so much I'm considering using it for our wedding cake, * * * * * (out of five). The texture and taste were perfection. Mmmm, baked goods.

Also my fiancee purchased So Delicious' vegan ice-cream sandwiches. He bought the coconut one made with real coconut milk. We both give it * * * *. It tastes just like those ice-cream sandwiches you used to eat as a kid but with a coconut twist (and much less fat). I can't wait to try their other ice-cream flavors/varieties.


  1. There is compelling evidence that by changing your diet to exclude dairy and animal protein (other than certain kinds of fish) can dramatically improve your health.

    Go to The China Study to find out more about the in-depth research that went into these findings.

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  2. This study was referenced in 'Skinny Bitch'. But I'm glad you found it too