Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stogo vegan ice-cream

I can't believe it's vegan! Seriously though, Stogo's ice-cream is great, * * * * * (out of 5). Plus their vegan ice-cream has half the calories and fat of milk based ice-cream.

My friend, who's a meat eating foodie, recommended them. You know a vegan place is good when non-vegans love it. So after eating a delicious slice of vegan pizza we walked 2 minutes to Stogo. My fiancee and I split a 3-scoop cup for $7.50 (yes, it's expensive alas)

Layers top to bottom:
  • Key Lime Pie -> I didn't like it, but my fiancee did
  • Strawberry ->I'm in love, with real pieces of strawberry mixed in, it's gourmet ice-cream at its best
  • Chocolate, made with coconut milk -> The coconut milk makes it really creamy, mmm
We also test tried some others:
  • Mexican spiced chocolate -> Really spicy, we were not fans
  • Chocolate, made with hemp -> The hemp makes it dry, the opposite of creamy. However the flavor is great like a bar of dark chocolate.
Stogo, Gourmet Organic Dairy-Free Ice cream
159 2nd Avenue @ 10th Street, NYC 10003

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